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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what makes a website view-able to others.  A web hosting service allows you to store your website on their server so that when a visitors attempts to visit your website, it gets pulled up on the web hosting service’s server.  This server is always on and should always be accessible. Most services promise a particular percentage of uptime, and this can be a factor when it comes to finding your web hosting service.  Other factors that you should evaluate for the service you sign up with are speeds, features, and easy to use control panel.

The good news is that today web hosting accounts are relatively inexpensive and can be set up relatively easily.  This means that you can get your hosting for your WordPress site without too much hassle and won’t break the bank while doing it.


Types of Web Hosting Accounts

There are several types of web hosting accounts.  These include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and more.  For your initial account, there’s a good chance that you’ll only need shared hosting.  Shared hosting means that your website will be shared on a server with other websites. This is typically the cheapest option and works well for smaller brands.  Dedicated hosting is more expensive and means that the server that’s used for your website is only used for your website.


Why You Need Web Hosting

Anyone with a WordPress site needs to locate their own web hosting to run their website.  This can sometimes be a worry for people that aren’t very tech-savvy.

Some people try to host their own website using their computer as the server, but this is not really economical or realistic.  The key reason for this is that in order for your website to always be up and accessible is that the server running it also has to always be up and accessible.  If your computer is turned off or needs to be updated, your website won’t come up to a visitor. They’ll get an error message and will move on to the next website to find what they’re looking for in their search.

This is where web hosting companies come into play.  Many people get scared away by the technical nature of web hosting, and it can be a bit confusing to someone just getting started, but most web hosting services are working on making it possible for everyone to understand how web hosting works.  


Setting Up Your Web Hosting

Most web hosting services have step by step directions for how you can go about setting up your web hosting account to get your website online.  This typically includes logging into your account, selecting the plan you want to manage, entering in your domain name and uploading your website.  Often, the hardest part of the initial setup to handling the domain name and ensuring that server is pointing to the domain name correctly. What many don’t realize is that this is not a one and done kind of task, and that you need to perform tasks from time to time that keep your hosting up to date.  


Using a Trusted Professional

Setting up your own web server may be relatively easy, but sometimes it’s just better to let a professional help with your web hosting.  You can get your website’s hosting setup much easier and quicker than you’ll be able to do on your own if you’re unsure of how to handle it.  Once you get your hosting setup, you’ll still have to handle the regular tasks that need to be done for web hosting, such as completing backups for your website.

Relying on a professional means that you don’t have to keep these considerations in mind.  You don’t have to deal with the issues that can sometimes pop up with web hosting. If things don’t go well, and you have to troubleshoot, this can chew up a great deal of your time.  That’s why it can be nice to allow a professional help out. This way it’s all taken care of by someone that understands the ins and outs of web hosting.


Our Services

We are not a hosting company.  We don’t offer hosting ourselves, but our service is even more valuable than the hosting as we assist you with your web hosting needs.  This means that we help in getting your website’s hosting account setup along with your domain, and manage your hosting over time. If you’re having a hard time determining which web hosting company to utilize we can help you to understand what each company offers, and help you find the company that will work best for your needs for your WordPress website.  


Let’s Get Your Website Hosting Setup

Contact me if you’re ready to have someone else handle your website’s hosting needs.  We can go over your needs and what your hosting service offers for your website.