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Creating a professional image which promotes your brand proves vital to business success. And, while going paperless is the trend, mobile platforms, web pages and social media formats continue to raise the bar for graphic design.

After all, the Web and social media keep people focused on the visual. Intentionally designing the look of your company brand and message earns you attention. With visual appeal ranking high on our human radar, we easily take the bait.

As a whole, we are more likely to like and share infographics over any other content. Plus, relevant images hold our attention longer than text. Finally, the amount of information we retain jumps from 10 to 65 percent when paired with a related graphic.

In other words, effective graphic design promises greater engagement across media platforms.

However, the skill in developing quality graphic design goes beyond posting a great photo. So, while Instagrammers and Facebook friends get attention for amateur images, your business or organization requires more than simply knowing how to work a program.

Good designs are:

— Seamless.

— Effortless.

— Intentional.

— Effective.

— Clear in communication.

Combining quality content with great design in this way requires skill and experience. Conceptualizing and organizing ideas to create a visual product cannot be achieved by a few inexperienced clicks on Adobe Illustrator or by downloading a free logo.

Quality graphic design develops a professional brand presence for your organization. Skilled designers create a cohesive message which gets you noticed and builds familiarity. Plus, communicating visually offers readers succinct, practical, useful and interesting information.

For these reasons, hiring a quality graphic designer is a worthwhile investment in developing your organizational identity.  


Asian Design: My Specialty

I specialize in serene, yet practical Oriental designs. You can expect clean lines which allow the graphics to stand out in striking ways. Your message gets noticed when partnered with the simplicity of Asian design.

Using the influences of Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Eastern societies, Asian design blends cultures in beautiful unity or focuses on a solo theme. The minimalist appeal of this style lends itself well to graphics.

A few elements included in Asian design:

— Vibrant color and bold hues play a primary role in this design aesthetic. And, red remains the dominant color in Oriental design symbolizing strength, passion, energy, vitality and life. However, other vivid colors make their way into these designs as well.

— Orient-inspired floral and natural motifs incorporate the symbolic orchid or cherry blossoms, natural pebbles, bamboo and rattan textures, water and the like. Adding dragons and birds in high style or intricate detail reveals the influence of Asian culture.  

— The rich historical context and sense of tradition of Asian design lend to its familiarity and attraction. And, mixing in modern elements gives these graphic designs a contemporary feel without being too fussy.  

In effective design, all components of Asian graphics blend to complement one another and create harmony and tranquility. Designs may also offer a sense of romance and intrigue common to the Orient. These themes represent the flair of Asian design.


The Creative Suite

Working in the full Adobe Creative Suite, the ability to design according to your specifications falls at my fingertips and within my abilities. Whether you are seeking graphics for print materials (still viable in many applications) or web design, I deliver through Adobe Acrobat, Indesign and Photoshop.

Staying on trend with moving graphics and animation is possible with the help of Animate, Fireworks and After Effects. Think video editing, buttons that morph shape, web app design and mobile widgets. Each of these interactive components raise the standard and impact of your web graphics.

With the full Suite at my disposal, creating visually appealing, striking graphics which well represent your brand is guaranteed. Furthermore, the promise to develop a product you are pleased with is upheld. And, honoring your timeframe, meeting your deadlines is my privilege.  


Professional Design

Again, while Adobe and other technologies offer many of the these features to amateurs (just being honest), experience and design knowledge produce more effective results. Plus, understanding the ins and outs of these programs allows for quick turnaround of your designs.

Partnering with you to achieve designs which best represent your brand or to develop brand presence from the ground up is the heart of graphic design for me. I do not believe in cookie cutter designs but a personally tailored product to fit your organization’s personality and goals.

Furthermore, this personalization extends to your needs. Perhaps you simply want a logo. Or, perhaps you are looking for a cohesive campaign of products. I work with you to create the designs which meet you where you are and move your company forward.  

Let me help you design:

— Print materials.

— Logo.

— Social media graphics.

— Web products.

— And, more.

If you are looking for conscientious, customized graphic design, I am your designer. I would love to start our partnership today by receiving a call from you.