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Web Development Versus Web Designer

There are a lot of people that use web development and web designing as interchangeable terms.  In honesty, they are not completely the same. Think of web development as the inner workings of the clock that makes the clock function while web design is just the setup of the clock face that you look upon.  A web developer may also be a web designer, but not always.

Web development is the function and features that a website offers to visitors.  A web developer is responsible for making sure that the web can be used in the method that the business wants it to and that every area works well.  This typically involves coding the website for functionality using a variety of coding languages.

A web designer is more about the ascetics of the website when it comes to layout along with the ease of how a website can be navigated by users.  Web designers don’t necessarily work with the coding itself, but often are just giving input on how the website should look and navigate.


Why is Web Development Important?

Web development is important because it helps to make a website function in the manner that a business owner wants for their site.  This makes it possible to create so many different functions, improve the security of your website, set up server configurations, and so much more.


WordPress Plugin and Template Creation

One of the biggest services that you can expect from a web developer is the creation of WordPress plugins that will make your site work the way that you want them to work along with template creation to give your overall website a particular feel.  

DIY web design programs can often give you a variety of looks and functions, but a professional web developer can take what you want for your website and create it for you without having to try to make an already existing program work the way you want.  This personalization for your website offers a huge benefit when you want to exemplify your brand specifically.


What to Look For With a Web Development Professional

When it comes to your web development professional search you’ll want to look for someone with experience and knowledge that can deliver on the things that you want for your website.  One of the first clues that you’ve found a great web development professional is their website. You want them to have a nice clean, professional website that helps to showcase their talents.  If you don’t like their website or it doesn’t look professionally done, you’ll probably want to move on to the next developer on your list.

You’ll also want to check out their portfolio to see other websites that they’ve worked on, and learn about their credentials, such as what coding languages they prefer using and what features they are well-versed in adding.  This helps to give you a good idea of their skills and whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your needs.

Not only do you want to learn about their skills, but you’ll want to look at their level of experience.  You want a web developer that brings experience to your website as that will elevate what they can offer.  You can use reviews and recommendations as a good gauge on how other clients feel about their service.


Web Development Services Offered

As an experienced WordPress web developer, I pride myself on what I offer to my clients when it comes to services.  I want my clients to have the freedom of creating a website that fits with what they want rather than trying to cram an existing site to fit their needs.

In order to achieve the WordPress website that fits your particular needs, I can create WordPress plugins that are specific to your needs along with templates that work for you.  Rather than trying to pigeonhole your idea into existing features, I help you realize your website’s true potential.


My Process

My process is one thing that I feel separates what I do for my clients and what my competitors offer.  I want my clients involved in the process of their website development, and that it’s vital to achieving the full function of what they want their website to handle.  I start this process by going through an initial consult phase where we carefully go over all of the things that you need your website to handle, what you’d ideally like for it to do, and any other ideas you may have about it.

This information is what I use to start developing your website, and creating the different aspects of it.  During this process, you’ll be kept abreast of what’s going on as communication is vital here. This way any necessary changes can be made until we arrive at the finished product.  Your satisfaction is key.


Get Started Today

If you’re ready to get a website developed based on what you actually need rather than what’s just available, contact me today.  I would love to go over your needs and help create a cost estimate for your project.